Frequently Asked Questions (In-Person Competition)

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  • Is it allowed to use different tires than those coming with the car?

    Yes, but only the tires from the list below. If you want to use something else, ask us at Slack and we may extend the list. All teams should have a chance to use the same tires so we will allow only tires easily available to everybody.

    Currently allowed tires are:

  • Is there an upper weight limit in the “restricted class”?


  • Are we allowed to add extra (otherwise non-functional) weights (e.g. a small steel plate) to improve the traction of the car?

    The only non-functional weight allowed is to equally balance the car wheels. This weight must be statically mounted on the car.

  • Are we allowed to change the transmission gear ratio of our cars?

    No. F1/10 competition is designed as a “Battle of the algorithms”. From the very beginning, the emphasis was placed on lowering the effect of slight differences between the actual platforms (the teams might have different sensors, slightly different chassis models, etc.) so that the software is the true decisive component. Before, we have decided to loosen this slightly with allowing to change the tires, as the Traxxas stock tires are really not suitable for the competition surface. But beyond this, we would like the teams to focus on the software.



  • How will you signal the start of a race?

    For time trials you can start as soon as you are ready. Time measurement will start once you cross the starting line.

    For head to head, the stewards will yell “ready-set-go”.